Modular structures

Modular Space Solutions by Monarkon

If you are looking for a complete solution made of modular containers, then we can offer high-quality space solutions for different purposes such as;
• Modular labor accommodation camps for construction sites,
• Construction site offices,
• Temporary buildings for schools to continue education without disruption in case of renovations,
• For events that will host a huge number of visitors for a short period,
• Or sales offices for real estate development projects

Modular Labor Accommodation Camps for Construction Sites

Labor accommodation camps and facilities with factory-built modular flat-pack containers could be manufactured and delivered faster compared with traditional buildings. From start to finish, budget-friendly labor camps could be manufactured and installed just in a few weeks.
Modular container camps can be designed as single or multiple floors as per customers' requirements. Once relevant construction projects are completed, these modular container camps could be dismantled or transferred to other locations.
Monarkon specially produces modular labor camps that are easy to install and transport, comfortable, and low cost.