About us


Monarkon story belongs to years of experiences and customer service that started with the very first existence of Monark Construction and Foreign Trade LLC that have been established in 2013.

Monark is a major part of a cluster of companies dealing in the construction industry with a multidisciplinary operation range including engineering, contracting, material and equipment supply, and real-estate.

The backbone of Monark is the extensive knowledge and qualifications of its managers in the Foreign Trade and Construction business accumulated over 25 years of hands-on expertise in these fields.


MONARK GROUP was founded in 2013 to operate in the construction industry. The group has completed projects in the Middle East and Africa. MONARKON has been established in 2020 with the purpose of serving the European market with high-quality modular structure technologies. MONARKON’s production facility of 5000 sqm is located in Sarajevo / BiH.
MONARKON provides high-quality modular living spaces which enable end-users to enjoy flexible, cost, and time-saving options. The product range includes modular living containers, office spaces, security cabins, and sanitary units along with supplementary components.

Our Message

Monarkon has been established by the need of the market to deliver high quality and real value to the customers by its products and services.

We create these values with our highly competitive pricing strategies that dominate the whole market and by the best material quality and innovational technology existed in our sector, supported by a very specialized and experienced team to give a great experience of a product and a service for our dear costumers. As if for us, the most important thing is to sustain strong bonds with our customers managing that by achieving their satisfaction with our qualities and efficiency, which is our core message as a company in the industry.

We integrate all of our assets with our years of expertise and employ them to deliver our massage no just to our customers but to our competitors too.